The person drawing the Contour

Hello! My name is Marta Brzosko and I am a facilitator by trade and a community weaver by heart. I love designing and leading events in which people feel safe, supported, and that they belong.

I believe great events are about:

O1. Co-creation

Just because I organise and lead events doesn't mean I'm the only one creating them! I believe everyone who participates contributes their unique energies and that this is what really creates the event.

O2. Psychological safety

When people feel safe and accepted, this is when they thrive. Supporting everyone to experience psychological safety is one of the foundations of the events and groups I lead.

O3. Structure

Structure isn't limiting - it's enabling. When people know what the intention and plan is, they can free up cognitive resources to participate more fully.

O4. Belonging

What a good event does is that it makes people feel like they are in a place they belong. It doesn't matter if it's a community gathering, birthday party, or workplace training - we all want to experience being a valued member of a group.

My work

Rather than "selling myself" in this short bio, I would prefer to meet you in person. But since you're here now, let me at least make an introduction to what I do. :)

I facilitate meetings, workshops, and events because I believe everyone in a group setting should have a voice. When there is a clear container (aka contour, structure, outline, plan, etc.) for any type of event, there's more feeling of safety. What comes with it is usually engagement, openness, and learning.

I'm on a mission to create spaces where people are empowered to participate and feel safe and nourished doing so.

Experiences that led me to starting Contour Events
Education & Skills

Authentic Facilitator Training @ Authentic Revolution
Authentic Leadership Training @ Authentic Revolution
Habit Coaching Certification @
Mindfulness & Compassion Diploma @ SWPS University

Community facilitator @ The Salisbury Centre
Community worker @ Bridgend Farmhouse
Organiser @ The European Youth Parliament
Freelace writer @

Workshop Design
Facilitation & Leadership
Event Planning
Writing & Editing

Online community leader @ Big Self School
Event host @ Lauvitel Lodge
Support worker @ Epilepsy Scotland

Let’s talk?

Got a partnership idea, or a project you need help with? Email me at marta[at] - I aim to reply within 2-3 working days.